ASX Announcements

09th Aug 2022 Second Group Prospect Workover Produces Oil and Significant Gas Read more
29th Jul 2022 June 2022 Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report Read more
20th Jul 2022 First oil produced from newly acquired Group Prospect Read more
19th Jul 2022 Oil production to rise sharply as new projects come online Read more
07th Jul 2022 Permit received to commence operations at Varn Oil Field Read more
29th Jun 2022 Farm-in to fast-track increased oil production Read more
14th Jun 2022 Notification of cessation of securities Read more
01st Jun 2022 Change of Director's Interest Notices Read more
24th May 2022 Appendix 3G - Sec 708 notice Read more
24th May 2022 Notification regarding unquoted securities - WEL Read more
07th May 2022 Results of Meeting - AGM Read more
06th May 2022 White Hat 2106 Oil Production up 36% after Workover Read more
28th Apr 2022 Quarterly Activities/Appendix 5B Cash Flow Report Read more
19th Apr 2022 Gross revenue of AUD$1.25M for March 2022 Read more
31st Mar 2022 Corporate Governance Statement Read more
31st Mar 2022 Annual Report to shareholders Read more
31st Mar 2022 Appendix 4G Read more
30th Mar 2022 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form Read more
22nd Mar 2022 Gross revenue of US$813,652 (AUD$1.13M) for February 2022 Read more
18th Mar 2022 High Margin Oil Production in a High Oil Price Environment Read more
09th Mar 2022 2022 Annual General Meeting Read more
24th Feb 2022 Operations Update Read more
16th Feb 2022 Gross revenue of US$847,414 (AUD$1.19M) for January 2022 Read more
15th Feb 2022 Amended Initial Director's Interest Notice Read more
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