ASX Announcements

29th May 2020 Results of Meeting Read more
25th May 2020 Significant Increase in Oil Reserves and Resources Read more
08th May 2020 Registration for online AGM Read more
30th Apr 2020 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports -31 March 2020 Read more
23rd Apr 2020 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form Read more
02nd Apr 2020 Annual General Meeting 2020 Read more
01st Apr 2020 Final/Initial Director's Interest Notice Read more
01st Apr 2020 Company presentation Read more
01st Apr 2020 Appendix 4G Read more
01st Apr 2020 Corporate Governance Statement Read more
01st Apr 2020 Annual Report to shareholders Read more
26th Mar 2020 Director Appointment/Resignation Read more
25th Mar 2020 White Hat 20-6 Producing Oil Read more
24th Mar 2020 Winchester Well Positioned - update Read more
25th Feb 2020 Peter Allchurch Read more
10th Feb 2020 Wireline Logs Confirm Substantial Oil Pay in White Hat 20-6 Read more
03rd Feb 2020 Acquisition of Additional Acreage and Operations Update Read more
29th Jan 2020 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports -31 December 2019 Read more
10th Jan 2020 New Lightning Well Encounters 124ft of Potential Sand Pay Read more
23rd Dec 2019 New Mustang Well Encounters 30 Feet Gross Pay Read more
11th Dec 2019 Further Successful Test in Cisco Sands in Arledge 16-2 Read more
02nd Dec 2019 Appendix 3B and Cleansing notice - Placement Read more
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